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Replay Media Catcher 5 is out now! Download video and audio from the web.

In-Depth Review: Facts & Features of Replay Media Catcher

For over 4 years now, I have been using Replay Media Catcher 5 to download videos and music (mostly music) from websites such as YouTube, Grooveshark, Vimeo, Twitch, JustinTV and more.

If you haven’t tried it yet or are completely unaware of what it is, it is currently one of the most popular programs for recording and ‘capturing’ music and video files from websites to your computer.

It was released several years ago and it is currently on it’s 4th version. It is available for the PC only.

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Now it is important to note that it is different from screen capturing – it doesn’t do that (pick up Jaksta for that as it’s also available for Windows).

This is a video capture program that will capture any media that you are currently viewing online. You need to have the software running on your computer in order to effectively get the video or audio files that you want.

So without further ado, let’s review Replay Media Catcher and point out the facts, features, what I like and what I don’t like…

How Exactly Does This Program Work?

Some new modules and an entirely new interface have been added to the program in this new release, attempting to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate.

What you see above is the main interface when you open the program for the first time. It looks quite empty simply because there are no videos/music that have been recorded to your PC. Once you begin downloading, each video or audio clip you download will be saved to the folder and organized for you.

This program works as an ‘activated’ type of program. This means that when you activate it, the software will automatically begin to ‘capture’ and save the video and audio files from the webpages that you visit while browsing online.

Do you see that green button in the image above? Green means that it is activated. If you click that button, it will turn red and deactivate. When it is red, the program won’t download any media files while you’re browsing the web.

The button is red which means that it is currently disabled. The best practice that I’ve found is to simply keep it disabled until you’ve come across a video or a music file on a website that you would like to save to your computer.

So let’s say that one of your favorite music artists released a new music video and you’re really interesting in saving it to your computer. First you’d make sure that the button is red is. Then you would browse to the video page. Once the video starts playing, you click the red button so it turns green and it will begin to save it to your computer.

YouTube videos tend to save in a format called .FLV. This is simply the default format for most video files posted on the web because they are high quality while remaining low in size making them easy to view. Replay Media Catcher gives you the option of converting these videos into another format if you wish, a very useful feature.

Those are just a sample of the file types that the program can convert these FLV files to. There are a lot more as you will notice by the scroll bar. If you decide to use the audio recorder feature, you can convert the files it gives you into mp3 format so that you can add them to your music player of choice.

How Do You Record and Download?

When enabled, the software will begin to record the video and audio files that are found on website pages you visit. This means that every Youtube or Hulu video you watch will be downloaded.

Now personally, I don’t like to have the program automatically download everything I watch. For one, I would have a large number of Zac Efron interviews that I am currently obsessed with and I would be quite embarrassed if some of my friends stumbled upon them.

And two, I simply don’t want to have my computer full of videos that I’ll never watch more than a couple of times.

However, I do like to download videos that are important to me such as tutorials for software, videos of self-defense since I am big into martial arts, workout routines and tips, and other such instructional types of movies that I can watch when I’m traveling in the air, by boat, by bus or by rail.

How Do You Play Your Downloaded Media?

So you’ve navigated to the video on a website that you’re interested in downloading. Maybe it’s a recipe for a dinner that you’re really interested in preparing. You’re not interested in browsing to the website every time when you want to cook. Plus, your internet could die or the page could be taken down.

That’s why you’ve chosen to download it! Good idea.

And if you’re very tech savvy you could learn how to put it on your ipad or other media playing device. This can make cooking quite fun.

Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, bring up the interface and click on the button that says Today on the left hand side. If you don’t see the video, click on the In Progress button and see if your video is still downloading.

If the video is complete, you will see it in the list when you click on ‘Today’. You will then want to right-click the file that you downloaded and click the ‘Play …’ option in the list that pops up. I’ve gone ahead and circled these options in the image above to help you navigate to the correct spots and make the right clicks.

You also have the option to Convert the video into a format that you’re used to. This may be an advanced option so simply ignore it if you don’t know what used converting may have for you and just play the video through the software.

What Is The Audio Recorder?

This is a unique feature that also has many uses. The audio recorder allows you to save audio as it plays through your speakers instead of downloading the video.

I really like this feature because this is how I get clips of songs or speeches from videos and movies that I like but don’t really feel like saving the video to my computer or searching for the YouTube clip every single time I want to hear it.

When using this part of the program, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve selected the Applian Audio Driver because the other audio driver will pick up every single sound coming through your speakers instead of just the music that you’re trying to record.

When you’re ready to begin recording, click Start and the software will begin to record the audio as it plays through your speakers. Click Stop when you’re done and it will save it in the ‘Recordings’ folder where you can navigate to and take a listen.

The Cache Browser Is A New Feature

You might have noticed an option in the images above called the Cache Browser. This is one of those options that you can use to download files from websites that are being saved in your browsers cache.

At the moment, this option only works for users that browse the internet with Internet Explorer and Firefox. An update that will feature Chrome is stated to be released soon so if you’re a die hard Chrome user, you’ll have to so without this feature for now.

If you have the program closed and you’ve been browsing the web for awhile, I find it fun to take a look in the ‘Cache Browser’. If you stumble across a website that is playing a music file that can’t be downloaded, this option will let you get it.

All you have to do is close the browser you’re surfing the internet with, load up the software, click the ‘Cache Browser’, and go through the files that begin to populate. You should see many audio files and video files as well. Select the file that you want to save and click Extract.

ASF files are music and FLV are videos fyi.

Final Thoughts and Questions?

I have been quite a happy user for a couple of years now and with each release Applian continues to improve it’s ease of use and functionality.

This new release is stable and easy to use. I haven’t had any crashes or errors as of yet and I’ve been using version 4 since it released earlier this year. For pure video and audio downloading, it is much more powerful than the free plug-ins that exist.

The Cache Browser is especially cool because there are always a few videos and audio files I tend to find in there that I had forgotten about. I tend to check it about once every few days or so.

You can try the Free Demo to get a taste of what the program can do if you’re sitting on the fence.

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Once you get the program, it will install quickly and will start working immediately.

Thanks you reading my review and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions!

- Jeff